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Sunday, October 06, 2013 (263w) 0 Comments  By David Woods

Simple Cafe in Lake Geneva, WI

My wife and I just did a weekend getaway in Lake Geneva, WI. Tried a small breakfast lunch place called Simple. We shared the Kalbi tacos. Decided had to share with you for the show. I never had anything like it. We made a point of going back (we are there right now) before leaving town. Can't wait to come back next year just come back to this gem. My wife and come stay at a B&B every year during the first weekend in October to celebrate our anniversary. From now on we are going to skip the B&B's breakfast and come here. Wife got the Simple Club on this visit. Said it was great. I just had to have the tacos again. Never nominated an eatry for a show before, but never ate here before.




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