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Monday, October 07, 2013 (259w) 0 Comments  By Bill Tallman

Shore Fire Grille in Barnegat, NJ

Please check out Shore Fire Grille in Barnegat, New Jersey. This is a awesome burger/ one off type of food place. The owners are a young couple with a passion for great food and helping out the local community. During the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy last October Owner Tim and his wife Sam started making tons of food for all the people working to restore our local barrier island and coastal communities. They are doing well after just being open for just over a year. The food is outstanding and so is the service they make you feel like family whenever you walk in whether it's your first visit or you are a regular . Thanks in advance Bill Tallman , please contact me if you need more info about this email my phone number is 609-709-5204



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