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Monday, October 07, 2013 (259w) 0 Comments  By julie Gloudemans

Charlies Drive In in Hortonville, WI

Dear Guy Fieri , I was at the Weinery last weekend in Minnesota with my family. Our daughter-in-law watches your show and that is why we went to the Weinery. It was a very positive and fun experience, besides the Weiners- were all very good. Well I was on-line looking at all the different restaurants you had visited in Wisconsin, because thats were I live. I didn't see if you have visited the Drive-in called Charlies in Hortonville Wisconsin. Hortonville is a little town 35 miles west of Green Bay Wisconsin. This Charlies Drive In is very unique due to them serving food by car hop with window trays. Tuesday evening in the summer they have Elivis night when the owner and his sister dresses up as Elvis and Marylyn Monroe,along with a Old Car show the same evening. Well their is a lot more history with this Drive in that I'm not up on. So if you contact them they would by tickled. They do not know that I'm telling you about them. We enjoy your show and hope you at least consider Charlies Drive In. Thank -you so much for your time. yours in food,[ my favorite subject in the world.]Julie gloudemans



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