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Wednesday, October 09, 2013 (263w) 0 Comments  By Peter Reed

Central Coast Legend

Guy,First off, huge fan. I think my wife and I have seen all the episodes. I grew up on Hodad's burgers and I lived on top of Panozzo's in Chicago. I keep waiting for one particular restaurant to appear and I can't wait any longer. I love too far from it to go very often so I thought I might as well see it on TV. I would be astounded if you have not received letters about this place already. Ask anyone who has lived on the central Cali coast and they will tell you about the TriTip sandwich at Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo, California. I went to college in SLO and eat there twice a week. There is always a line out the door and the food is always perfect. I live in AZ now and don't get back very often but I was back for a wedding last summer and ate there 4 times in 2 days. What I wouldn't give for a Tritip right now. If you haven't been there you've been missing out. If you have, you must know what I am talking about. Please check it out so I can at least see it on TV. If you're driving down the coast, hit up Splash Cafe in Pismo beach as well. Killer chowder....




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