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Thursday, October 10, 2013 (259w) 0 Comments  By Jamie Mccammon

Coffee Cabin in Sullivan, IN

I work at the Coffee Cabin located in the small town of Sullivan, IN and this would be a great place for Guy to come to and try the amazing homemade food that is made here! My mom is the owner and the chef at out little cafe so we get to work together everyday which is a treat in itself. The reason I think Guy would love this place is because all the food is made homemade and it's all made how Grandma makes it! Old school recipes that my mom grew up learning from my Great Grandmother! Everybody in town raves about her food but I would love for more of the world to get to taste her amazing food! She does it all and puts her whole heart into it! I hope Guy picks our little small town coffee shop to stop by and not only get a latte and great food but taste her delicious homemade fudge! Also you meet my amazing talented mother!



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