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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 (283w) 0 Comments  By Kelly DUffy

Scooter's Dawghouse in Mentor, OH

Dear Guy, Hi! My name is Kelly Duffy and I think you should come to Painesville, Ohio! One of my favorite restaurants of all time is Scooters Dawg House! They have the best hot dogs around! I think it would be AMAZING if you would come to Scooters and get their restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! (My favorite show!) This has nothing to do with the restaurant, but today is a very special day for me because it has been 2 whole years since I met you at the Guy Fieri Food Show in Cleveland, Ohio! That was probably the best experience of my life! I got the picture of us on a t-shirt and I'm wearing my Knuckle Sandwich shirt today! Anyways, I think that it would be very awesome if you would come visit Scooters Dawg House here in the great town of Painesville, Ohio! (and let me know when you come so I can meet you again!!!) Thank you sooooo much and please write back! You are seriously my idol and you helped me come to my decision to be a chef when im older! I actually just got acceptd into the culinary program at my local tech school! Thanks again and I hope to see you and your red camero at Scooters Dawg House very soon!!Sincerely,Kelly Duffy(:




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