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Tuesday, October 15, 2013 (253w) 0 Comments  By David DeYoung

Clyde's Drive In in St. Ignace, MI

This is a little bit of a trek but worth the beautiful drive to the "Yooper" Every time we go up to the UP of Michigan (the 51st state) we stop at this drive-in. It is one of those classic old school diners where they are making some big ol burgers, fresh, right before your eyes. Diggin their hands into a 5gallon tray of pure red meat, and throwing it right on the grill. I would like to see Guy try and concur the Triple C which is 3 -1/4 pound patty's with bacon and cheese. Classic hamburg joint, simple, tasty, and a nice stopping point for the long haul. On the way you would also need to stop and get a pasty which I would love to watch an episode on the pasty. One of my favorite foods ever!



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