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Friday, October 18, 2013 (257w) 0 Comments  By Deana Born

Fried Cheese at Spanky's Restaurant in Lubbock, TX

My son goes to Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas, right by the campus they have a place with the best Fried Cheese ever. Spanky's on University Blvd. It is the Biggest Fried Cheese you'll ever see, remember everything is bigger in Texas LOL.. but no kidding. Guys has to go here... everything there is awesome onion rings etc... It's a local place and the student like to go before and after football games... right near stadium.. and anytime of year. It's a must see to believe the size of their Fried Cheese... They are the best! I can't figure out how to insert a picture? ![Image Text](1098464_10201570788542483_1620084040_n)



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