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Saturday, October 19, 2013 (244w) 0 Comments  By debra mckinney

Best ever hotdogs at Cool Dog Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi, The best hot dogs ever can be found at Cool Dog cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ. Anything you can imagine on a sabrett hot dog. Home made fries that are the best in the tri state area. Special sauces. The absolute best.If that wasn't enough the friendliest staff and owner I have ever meet. Everone is treated like family whether its your first time or your hundreth time. My kids will ask to go all the time and its an hour from our house they consider it the best treat . I have watched your show for years . My kids 5.9.and 11 love your show. My husband makes it a point to visit your recommddations as often as possible. But this is the first time I have ever written in, this place is definitly worth the trip.IQ--------------------ThanksDebbie mckinney



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