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Sunday, October 20, 2013 (244w) 0 Comments  By Gaylene

Airport Coffee Shop in Chilliwack, BC

We just visited the city of Chilliwack British Columbia Canada. There is a cafe in the little airport called Chilliwack Airport Cafe. People fly their little planes here for pie. Slogan is I fly for pie. Oh my goodness the pies were fantanstic with a huge variety. The food was homemade and wonderful. I will visit this little diner everytime I visit from now on. You should check it out. We had four different pies and had to steal a bite of each from each other. I wish I could be back there right now!!! This should be a must for Guy to visit just think flyng in for pie in a community nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. The rest of the menu is amazing as well all homemade and fantastic



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