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Monday, October 21, 2013 (261w) 6 Comments  By Ben Riddlebarger

Olive Mediterranean Grill in Dayton, OH

Hi Guy (Or Guy's equivalent who reads through all these requests) I live in Dayton, Ohio. Now don't judge me on that! Dayton, contrary to popular refrences in movies and politics, has some pretty unique special places. One of them is Olive, an Urban Dive- located right downtown. It would be PERFECT for your Diner show and the story of its creation and food culture is fantastic. They are as local and organic as humanly possible- they have their own farm as well outside of the city where they grow their own ingrediants, as well as all their spices grown right outside along the side of the building. The owner, Kim- is not only photogenic but extremely talented and would make a good companion on an episode. I eat here whenever I can, not only because the food is one of a kind and incredible, but because the small diner environment is so welcoming and full of comfort. I would love love love love love, did I say Love- to have you and your crew brave the bad stigma of my town and just taste its greatness. Thanks and hope to hear from you!!!!! Ben




  1. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    Olive, An Urban Dive - Dayton, Ohio Olive is a one of a kind place. It connects our city's industrial history with its locally-focused future. The owner is a complete dynamo, (she even says happy birthday to every one of their 5000 Facebook fans). Of course, the food is AMAZING and the restaurant is impossible to get into without a reservation. I'm new in Dayton, and I think this would be a fantastic stop for Guy.
  2. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    Olive, An Urban Dive Check out this great little, and I mean little place with excellent food. Our little Wympee DINER triple qualifies: as far as anyone was the first DRIVE-IN in dayton (still says it on the back of the tower), was built in 1938, looks like a dive-y DINER on the outside, with Olive, an urban DIVE inside! Wympee Diner is a little greasy spoon turned into a locally sourced, upscale little mediterranean joint!
  3. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    Umm Olive, an urban dive, in Dayton, Ohio, is probably one of the hippest restaraunts in Ohio. They have an incredibly unique menu with daily specials made up by that days chef based on whatever fresh produce and meat comes from the local farmers. To insure that they are getting regular flow of fresh produce, they even started their own farm! They operate on a cash on delivery basis and in their first year of business actually cleared a profit. They have become a staple of Dayton and their reputation is spreading. Check them out on Facebook or at I believe even the Diner, Drive-in or Dive staff might find their mouths watering just looking at some of their incredible food. You have to add a trip to Ohio in your next season. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for your consideration. Natasha Baker, Editor, Dayton Magazine
  4. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    olive, an urban dive is DA BOMB Olive is in Dayton, Ohio and it is phenomenal. Local ingredients, extremely creative daily specials. We used to go constantly when we lived closer and have never been disappointed. The owner is a genius and you should consider this place for your show!
  5. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    Olive, an Urban Dive "Olive, an Urban Dive," is actually the name of this little jewel sequestered on the outskirts of downtown Dayton, Ohio. I hail from Cincinnati, and try to make the drive up at least once a month. I'm on their facebook page, and almost daily, my mouth waters for the Mediterranean cuisine pictured, which emerges from the screen and into my mind because I know two things: They grow much of their own produce, or buy local; and they successfully shoot from the hip some of the creative offerings on their menu. Their iced tea is sun brewed, and they offer something for everyone. The Urban Dive was once an old "Wimpee's" drive-in hamburger joint from mid 20th Century, and the facade looks exactly the same way it did all those many years ago. It's vintage and quaint with outstanding cuisine, and even though the parking is a bit tight, the place is always packed. They DO accept reservations, and for a guy on a bike, parking isn't even an issue. You would be doing yourself a disservice to miss out on Olive.
  6. Anonymous
    Monday, October 21, 2013
    come join Olive us at Olive, an Urban Dive! A gem in downtown Dayton, Ohio...Formally known as the Wympee Diner built in 1938 Daytons first drive thru is now Olive, an Urban Dive your truely farm to table Mediterranean American restaurant...I am proud to say after so many years in the service industry why isnt every restaurant like us! Our motto local over import, labor over convenience and service over everything else...we have a menu that is not limited to catering to anyone and everyone from our folks who miss the greasy spoon dive food the old wympee had to offer we have a burger called 12oz of love...2 beautiful locally sourced grassfed beef patties with locally sourced lettuce tomato fried leeks and yes fried cheese and housemade awesome aioli on a local bun...mmmmmm:)....we cater to our vegans gluten frees paleos and folks with severe allergies...theres still nothin like makin people happy through food...we are a dinner and a show everything is so special the people are so special...I truely have the best job ever...our dive has become so popular we will rock 115peeps in a shift which is alot considering we only seat 28! Come join us Guy Fieri let us feed you and yours! Please check out our website theres so much to talk about!!



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