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Friday, May 24, 2013 (282w) 1 Comments  By jack mccullough

Glory Days Sports Grill in Lakewood, CA

burger bash on thursdays is unreal they serve over 800 burgers on any given thursday, it home cooking with recipes that have been around over twenty years. Sunday the sausage gravy is to die for that on sunday morning every day their is a special and they serve ice clod beer. they just started the 20 year in lakewood california it owner is a home grown guy and the title doesn"t let you down much of lakewood history is on its walls but the real star is the food ,beer and don't forget the pizza which has been passed down thru the years that has been a secret for over twenty years and the machines that help in the kitchen are still working from the early 40-50 this place is a gold mine for the country to see




  1. Anonymous
    Friday, May 24, 2013
    Glory Days Sports Grill.....Lakewood Calif and now Seal BeachCalif.... Glory Days Sports Grill.....Lakewood Calif and now Seal BeachCalif....The Best Hamburger and Salads...Coldest beer in town 28-29 degrees.....21 years in business A rating health dept.....



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