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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 (248w) 0 Comments  By Michelle Nadalin

Rosa Maria's Drive In San Bernardino, CA

Rosa's is the best when it comes to drive in taco (or burrito) joints! Even though I moved away from San Bernardino, California more than 30 years ago I always make sure we stop at least once when visiting family and two or thee times if we can! Their chili verde is to die for and I love a simple meat rice and cheese burrito with chili Colorado . You have to visit the original Rosa's on Sierra Way in San Bernardino - a great family run business with great food! P.S. Since we live 8 hours away now, we often buy extras to take home and freeze...even if we have to buy a container to transport the food! P.P.S....."Love, peace and taco grease"!



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