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Thursday, October 24, 2013 (256w) 0 Comments  By LeeAnne House

AM Chef, Olive an urban dive

I work at a super creative, fun & vibrant little dive in Dayton Ohio. We do everything as local as possible. I personally order from tons of farmers for all kinds of awesome produce. This year we even started our on own farm! Our menu is features grass fed beef, free ranging chickens and their eggs, rabbit and house made chorizo (my favorite thing to make in the whole world right now, totally obsessed). We also have a large following for our gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items. Creating specials on wednesdays is always about vegan and gluten free food and is my favorite day to cook. I get super excited about veggies. Today i took pics of a coworker and i cutting into a 30 pound plus hubbarb squash! Local of course :)Come see us please!!!! I want to tell the world how easy it is to buy local, even in the midwest!!!



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