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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 (243w) 0 Comments  By Rita Anderson

George's Restaurant & Bar in Waco, TX

I watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives all the time and I love your show. There is a restaurant in Waco, Texas that is amazing and I believe to be worthy of consideration for a visit from Guy. It is George's Restaurant at 1201 Hewitt Drive. They have the best chicken fried steak anywhere and it was voted best of Waco for 10 years. The restaurant has been voted best of Waco for 12 years. They have another best of Waco for the "Big O Rings". My all time favorite is the "El Nino Potato". It is a huge baked potato with butter in it covered with a Texas sized chicken fried steak that is covered in gravy. If that isn't enough they top the gravy with cheese. It is unbelievable and worth a trip to Waco. They have a lot of traditions and one of the big traditions is the "Big O" Beer with a throwback to what people drank beer in years ago.I don't live in Waco but I try to get to this place if I am anywhere near that area. It is outstanding and I strongly believe it is worth consideration to be showcased on the show.Thanks so much. Keep rolling on down the road and bring all those great shows and food to us, Guy!Rita Anderson



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