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Monday, May 27, 2013 (278w) 0 Comments  By Mike Landry

Friars' Bakehouse in Bangor, ME

Friars' Bakehouse / Bangor Maine. Run by Two Fransiscan Friars. Brothers Donald (the baker) and Brother Kenneth pour their heart and soul into the food they make. And now that Summer is here Lobster Rolls are a daily occurrence not just a weekly special. They hand make all there breads and rolls. It all started years ago, some 10 I think by homemade breads, muffins and sconces. Then they added lunch sandwiches and daily soups. Only a breakfast and lunch joint they offer sandwiches that you'll eat first half for lunch and second half afternoon snack or dinner. These sandies are piled high with yummy stuff served on there thick cut breads. They offer cobblers, strawberry shortcake when in season, pies etc. Hand make all the favorites at Holiday times. They've even ventured into home brew. Guy you like funkie and these two are just that. You have to make your way to Central Maine on a trip to Bar Harbor and see them. fresh scratch made Whoopie Pies a Maine favorite. They take there profits and take weeks break to do mission work. It's really a great story. And when in Bangor (make your trip in August while the Boys Senior League World Series is running, get a visit from Stephen King, See Giffords Ice Cream Stand. And this is all coming from a dude that moved away from Bangor in 2008 (now in Phoenix). I really miss this place and stop back in during my July trip every year.



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