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Monday, November 11, 2013 (254w) 1 Comments  By Morgan Rivera

Triple D hotspots in New Mexico

I know of a couple of amazing places that would be great for Triple D. You always go to Albuquerque......Check out Casa de Benavidez on 4th street. It's the hottest green chile you'll eat. Come down to Roswell, NM. Big D's Downtown Dive is amazing. He is a trained chef and the locals love it. Gourmet burgers and fries...and enjoy some flavored water while you wait! Las Cruces, NM down south has some of the best new mexican food. Chope's Bar in La Mesa is the best local secret! And there are tons of breweries and wineries around here. I think you should check it out! Thanks, Morgan



  1. Anonymous
    Monday, November 11, 2013
    Guy, I'm a faithful Triple D fan. I have a place you are going to lov Guy, I'm a faithful Triple D fan. I have a place you are going to love. It has an incredible history, a family story - when they opened they lived in the back - and GREAT food. Chope's in La Mesa,NM (south of Las Cruces - another great NM food town). Chope's proves that great chile beats convenient location. You literally drive though the chile and onion fields to get there and if you go in Sept during the harvest, you can smell chile roasting when you get out of your car or if you're in the Camarro, just follow your nose. You've got to check this out! They've updated a little in the restaurant, but the bar is definitely a dive. The food is traditional NM chile - fresh and delicious!



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