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Monday, November 18, 2013 (253w) 0 Comments  By Danimarie Romero

Hannah and Nates Sandwiches in New Mexico are a must try!

Hannah and Nates is a must try. They make the best sandwiches and appetizers. The Rio Grande Turkey Sandwich and the Southwest Melt as an appetizer with a side of their amazing Cucumber Dill signature sauce is pure heaven! It's a nice family owned environment and everyone should come visit this place when they come to Albuquerque. There are two locations one off of Montano 6251 Riverside Plaza Ln, Albuquerque (505) 922-1155 and the other 4512 Corrales Rd, Corrales (505) 898-2370 The prices are even better and the friendliness of the staff makes you return week after week! If you ever decide to come to Albuquerque again please visit this place. It's worth it and the food is amazing. It's a guarantee you will be in love with the food!



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