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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 (240w) 0 Comments  By Max Kenison

Cleveland Heath in Edwardsville, IL

I'm a huge fan of the show, and as a restaurant manager/part owner I love a good non-chain restaurant. I actually work at a fine dining steak house in Fairview Heights Illinois, but the restaurant I wanted to tell you about tho is in Edwardsville Illinois, called Cleveland Heath. Owned by a boyfriend girlfriend team who worked at the famous French Laudry restaurant in Napa California years ago they opened Cleveland Heath a few years back. They have all sorts of eclectic items on their menu to go along with great specials. They got voted for having the best BLT in the area and it is no joke! The chicken tacos are amazing and for only $9.99 it's a steal. Menu items range from pork belly appetizers to 20 oz. ribeye steak. I hope you get a chance to try their award winning BLT sandwich and all they have to offer at Cleveland Heath. Thank you for your time.



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