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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 (240w) 0 Comments  By Keith Ozen

What's the name of this place with Killer Pizza

Guy: I have a been a fan of yours and the show from the get go. Into the 2nd - 3rd year it dawned on me that you and my nephew Chad in Ontario are dead ringers. I mean all he has to do is color and spike his hair and Guy would be in two places at once. I believe that he does a mean "Arnold" as well. Awesome humor to boot. Also we do have a neat joint about twenty minutes from us here in Chemainus that does a killer pizza and also does a music trivia night. Fun place on a Thursday night. Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for all the great shows, laughs and also to tell ya about Chad. ( John Gatochi move over ) . Triple D remains my favorite show.....EH ! Cheers Keith



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