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Friday, November 22, 2013 (256w) 0 Comments  By Hannah

Best restaurant ever in the middle of a cornfield near Cumberland, WI

Bona Casa Foods, Inc started in a garage and after extreme popularity moved into an actual building (still in the middle of a cornfield of course). It is located outside of Cumberland, WI and takes a local to know how to get there. Amazingly, however they always have a full dining room, and we often have to wait. They make all of their pasta and sauce from scratch, and it shows. Our family always eats family style. For about $13 per person you get a four course meal. Your choice of salad or cottage cheese (go for the cheese it's Wisconsin farm-fresh, num!), followed by pizza and then the main course: spaghetti (only noobs eat this), cavatails, sausage (omg to die for), meatballs, cheese and raisin ravioli (we fight over this), cheese and chicken ravioli, and breadsticks. Don't forget to order extra sauce! For desert: SPUMONI. REALLY good spumoni with a homemade sweet cracker stuck in it (I forget what it's real name is, but it's good). Guy, you need to swing by Bona Casa, I promise you will not regret it, definitely worth the drive.




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