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Saturday, December 28, 2013 (251w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

JDoggs in Sonora, CA

Hi guy, you should come to sonora, California and check out Jdoggs. The owner started out as a small hotdog cart in front of Lowes, was so popular he decided to turn it into a restaurant. He makes is own homemade chili and his extremely hot euthanizer hot sauce is a killer. He also serves burgers and you can't leave without trying the litter of pups, 6 deep fried Oreos with a mound of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.




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    [email protected]
    Saturday, December 28, 2013
    The food there is amazing. There Junk Yard dog is great. I recommend it to every one who comes in to the restaurant. And you can't leave without trying the litter of pup's, that is deep fried Oreo' s with a mound of ice cream.



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