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Saturday, January 04, 2014 (250w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

The Little Diner in Canutillo, TX

The Little Diner in Canutillo, Texas just outside of El Paso. For over 35 years Little Diner has been serving the best, most authentic, like nothing you have ever tried Mexican food. All fresh ingredients including masa that is stone ground and made from scratch. A place where presidents and rock stars have dined. little Diner was even a Jeopardy topic about Mexican food in 2009. What makes it all come together is Lourdes Pearson, this beautiful, amazing, dynamic fireball who bought the restaurant from her mother in the mid-90s and has kept the same recipes and style of cooking her mother employed. Come to El Paso but eat in Canutillo.




  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, January 04, 2014
    Guy, I recently became a fan of DDD after seeing you on a repeat of Guy, I recently became a fan of DDD after seeing you on a repeat of ridiculousness. Before seeing you on that, I just thought you were some bleach blonde douche from cali. Although I see you're legit and that's refreshing. Now that I've sufficiently sucked up, let me tell you about a little diner in Canutillo, TX. First, I'll give you my credentials for Mexican food...I was born and raised (24 yrs))in El Paso and knew vitamin M before any other. Now live in Colorado Springs and have lived all over the world over the last 37 yrs. Most recently, the last 16 before CO in the DFW area. I have tried tamales and gorditas everywhere. Granted, in my opinion, tamales, gorditas and rellenos have got to be the hardest to make, with gorditas at the top of the list. That being said, The Little Diner in Canutillo, TX makes the VERY best tamales and gorditas in the world. There is no comparison. After the 7 kids in our family left the house, my mom continued to send us frozen tamales on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the gorditas don't travel so well. They will dry ice ship them but it ain't the same. Nevertheless, I believe they deserve a visit from you guys. They fit your DDD definition 100%



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