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Sunday, May 12, 2013 (284w) 0 Comments  By Robert Cochrane

Great BBQ

Guy or Whoever is reading this, I would like to recommend a Texas Style BBQ restaurant in Bishop, Ca on 772 N. Main St, # 760-872-4227. The name of this outstanding restaurant is " Holy Smoke" Texas Style BBQ. I have been fishing the Sierra's for over 25 years and always eat in Bishop, this year we stopped at this restaurant and had quite the surprise. I had the "the Big Bubba" which is Tri-tip with two sides which were outlaw coleslaw and smokehouse beans which were out of this world very very good! the Tri-tip melted in my mouth. I also think having Guy review this place would bring more tourist into this nice little town. Oh and btw they said if Guy actually reviews them I get a free!! Great show love watching and try to go to as many places Guy has reviewed when I travel. Thank you, Robert Cochrane Cell - 951-743-7881




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