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Monday, February 17, 2014 (244w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Lucky Duck's Deli and Catering in Bismarck, ND

You have been all over the US but never to Bismarck, ND! There is a deli in Bismarck called Lucky Ducks Deli and Catering and they are doing things right. They have great sandwiches hot and cold and their signature sandwich has this deliciously crispy duck bacon on it. They also have a dinner menu featuring a duck bacon burger. Also for dinner they have pasta, fresh fish and chips, and blackened salmon. They also have tacos that are amazing. They make duck, chicken, beef, fish, and even a calamari taco that are fantastic! So fantastic me and my wife had them cater our wedding rehearsal dinner! They have everything and more and they make it fresh. Especially a little known soup that is popular in North Dakota called Knoefla soup! Its a German dumpling soup with potatoes in it. Their Knoefla is the best in town! You have to come out here and put North Dakota on the map! I guarantee Lucky Ducks will take you straight to flavor town!




  1. Anonymous
    Monday, February 17, 2014
    lucky ducks deli and catering Bismarck, nd I dare you to find a bett lucky ducks deli and catering Bismarck, nd I dare you to find a better "Grinder" than the "Bufflehead" at Lucky Duck's Deli and Catering. Russ Kadlec and his mom, Heather have created a plethora of amazing sandwiches. I have eaten at a half dozen triple d destinations and Lucky Ducks should undoubtedly be on the list.



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