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Sunday, February 23, 2014 (209w) 0 Comments  By Gourmandise

Guy, when are you going to come back to Salt Lake City

Guy, Guy, Guy... it is called Gourmandise. Google it. When ever are you going to come back to Salt Lake City? The food scene here continues to explode with all signs pointing to it continuing to blow up faster, harder and more radical with every day that goes by. Next time you are in town for business or pleasure; you have got to check out Gourmandise. Place has been around 23 years, does absolutely everything... I mean; most award winning bakery in SLC, huge cafe, small plates, German/Belgium beers, wine... you name it. Line out the door almost constantly. Check out the social media buzz and all of the critic reviews. This place has a scene like no other in Salt Lake and competes with the hopping spots in other more well know foodie meccas. You have any questions... just hit me up. Thanks ya'll.

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