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Friday, June 07, 2013 (280w) 0 Comments  By Kaitlyn Lucas

Troegs Brewing Co. in Hershey, PA

So, I think Guy should defintely visit Troegs Brewing Co. in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The food is INSANE!!! Not to mention the beer. I have worked here for 3 months, and just trying these dishes has opened my tastebuds to flavors I have never come across here. I have never tried duck before, but their duck confit..I can't get enough of it. Chef Christian DeLutis has an AMAZING mind, and puts ingredients together that I would never think of. I looked on Guy's Flavortown USA map, and the only places he has visited in PA has been Pittsburgh and Philly. Why not come to Hershey? Everybody knows Hershey's!!! Hope to hear from you!




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