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Saturday, June 08, 2013 (276w) 0 Comments  By Michel Phillips

BBQ capital of the universe is Columbus, GA

Been watching multiple episodes of you visiting BBQ joints tonight. You really must visit the BBQ capital of the universe: Columbus, GA. The west GA-east ALA sauce around my adopted hometown is like nothing else I've found anywhere: mustardy, vinegary, but NO SUGAR. Tangy as all get-out. Only when the sugar is out of the way is the full flavor of the pork revealed. Here is a map of Columbus food I made for my friend's daughter, who is set to enter Columbus State University this fall: Notes on the map: (1) Clearview BBQ is probably my overall favorite, though I still need to try Brennan Road BBQ, which is highly recommended. (2) Chester's was named best in USA by Steve Harvey, but its sauce is sweet--uncharacteristic of Columbus. (3) Don't miss the coconut cream pie at Country's BBQ. (4) The scramble dog at Dinglewood Pharmacy is a unique Columbus tradition. (5) Drive 30 minutes to Opelika, AL and eat at Chuck's BBQ (not on my map); trust me on this. (6) Just try'em all. Prepare to stay in Columbus awhile. (7) Sue Phillips is my mom; drop by and say hi. Love the show!



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