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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 (239w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Rivera's Mexican Restaurant in Omaha, NE

Hi Guy - this recommendation comes from a customer that has no affiliation with this restaurant. The food is SO AMAZING that it is a MUST DO for Guy Fieri!! "Rivera's Mexican Restaurant" in Omaha, NE is as authentic as it gets!! Everything on the menu is awesome but the Spicy Chicken Wrap. Enchiladas Acapulco, and Carne Asada are to die for!! I watch D, D, & Ds all the time and I don't ever remember you trying a drink but if you come to Rivera's and leave without having their Margarita Supreme you are MISSING OUT!! This place is ABSOLUTELY worth driving cross-country for! If you make it out this way, be sure to let me know so my husband & I can be there to witness you having a taste of Mexico!!!




  1. Anonymous
    Wednesday, March 26, 2014
    Hi guy - I'm hoping you'll put a little twist on "the norm" for Triple Hi guy - I'm hoping you'll put a little twist on "the norm" for TripleD! My husband & I have always wanted to open a restaurant but the risk just seemed too great while raising our 3 kids. But they're grown now and we are seriously considering taking the plunge. What I'd like to do, is invite you to our home in Omaha,NE where we will cook you (most of our main entrees will be prepared on a Traeger Grill) what we think would be the 3 most popular items on our menu!! Your feedback will either encourage us to move forward or will keep us from making a big mistake!! : ) PLEASE come for a visit . . . we need your advice! Plus, while you're here you can go to "Rivera's", I already wrote you about how lucky we are to have this OUT OF THIS WORLD Mexican Restaurant here in Omaha!!



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