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Saturday, March 29, 2014 (239w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Pap's Place in Ackerman, MS

Pap's Place Ackerman, MS-Home of the best farm raised catfish around. They also have some of the best large greasy burgers around. The owner is the cook and everything is home made or freshly grown. A must visit when in the area!




  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, March 29, 2014
    Guy, you've gotta go on the road to this 40 year old dive know as Pap' Guy, you've gotta go on the road to this 40 year old dive know as Pap's Place...located on Main Street in a little mississippi country town known as Ackerman, with a population of 1,469. their slogan is "we're not here to rob you, we just wanna fill your belly...where Jesus Christ is Lord and Elvis is king!" You'll find the owners there whenever the doors are open, cooking in the kitchen and serving their customers with good ole fashioned southern hospitality. You will walk in as a stranger and leave as family. Here at Pap's Place you will find the best fried catfish that your tongue and palate will ever taste...good enough to "slap yo mama." The batter is corn meal based and frys down crisp and brown. I prefer the filets but others like the whole fried fish. If fried foods are too much for your waistline, then the baked or blackened fish might be for you. I've heard it's delicious but I can't seem to steer from the fried. If you like an all you can eat, meal, then try the home style buffet loaded with an array of home cooked foods. offered here are; great tasting hush puppies, fried chicken, baked chicken, fried shrimp, chicken spaghetti, chicken & dumplins, Mac & cheese, corn on the cob, French fries,, green beans, turnip greens, not to mention the full salad bar with my favorite....homemade coleslaw, and the dessert buffet with five to six yummy sweet concoctions and even an ice cream machine! This eclectic little joint, is decorated like no other place I've seen and the nostalgic atmosphere is as comforting as the food. Although I call this diner little, it seats a load of folks between the three dining rooms. People From all over the surrounding counties are regular customers. Guy, please consider visiting Paps Place because I can promise, you won't be disappointed !!



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