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Sunday, June 09, 2013 (276w) 0 Comments  By Taylor

Bluebird Kitchen in Pittsburgh, PA

There's a wonderful hole in the wall place in downtown Pittsburgh called Bluebird Kitchen. They use mostly locally produced products and everything is made fresh in house. They serve breakfast, lunch, and the best desserts you'll ever have. They're known for innovative, high-quality cuisine. What really makes it special is that they have a selection of hot and cold dishes that change up every day. You never know what delicious meal will be available that day. The chef concocts whatever he's in the mood for that morning. The downtown business people go nuts for this place during lunch break. I have to get there before noon during the weekdays to beat the line of people that will go out the door and to get my hands on the food before it's all sold-out. This is their website if you want more information. I highly recommend looking into this wonderful and unheard of delight.



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