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Sunday, April 13, 2014 (236w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Return visit to Tecolote Cafe

Hi there, Four years ago, my husband and I vacationed in Santa Fe for our 30th anniversary. We decided to make it a DD&D road trip. We went to Tecolote Cafe four times that week. Fast forward to 2012 we moved to Santa Fe and we are Tecolote regulars. Unfortunately Bill and Alice Jennison have since passed away. Katie and Matt, their daughter and son -in-law have since taken over and are doing a wonderful job at preserving Bill and Alice's legacy. Fast forward again to 2014, Tecolote has been evicted front their current spot of 34 years. They are a Santa Fe treasure. The press coverage has been tremendous and the ground swell of community love and support has been truly amazing. You can reference this by googling the Santa Fe New Mexican, You Tube by KRQE or the Santa Fe Reporter. Tecolote will reopen, hopefully within the next 3 months. They have been offered many new location options, previously unknown to them. Katie and Matt were our own personal welcome wagon when we moved to Santa Fe. They support our community in many ways. There is so much rich history with Katie's family in this town. Many of us are hoping that you will pay a return visit to Tecolote Cafe when they re-open. They are keeping their friends and Santa Fe family updated via their Tecolote Cafe Facebook page. I will be there Easter Sunday for their last day at the current location and I am asking anyone who will listen to contact you also. I know their re-opening as well as their whole next wonderful chapter will be an outrageous success. I am inviting you to be a part of it. They have much going for them, the love of a community, an award winning chef( Chef Leslie Chavez), their staff and friends. Please consider re-visiting Tecolote Cafe once they reopen. With all they have going on, I am happy to keep you updated or you can contact them directly or by messaging them via Facebook. As much as we have enjoyed many of your recommendations, we really treasure this one....really great breakfast, really great friends, too. Thanks so much. We hope to see you soon. Patty O.




  1. Anonymous
    Sunday, April 13, 2014
    Hi Guy, After 34 delicious years the Tecolote Restaurant on Cerrillo Hi Guy, After 34 delicious years the Tecolote Restaurant on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe is closing. Katie, the daughter of the original owners Bill & Alice Jennison, hopes to reopen at a new location in the near future. Hopefully you will return to Santa Fe and help kick off the new location. Thanks for your consideration. David Morton Santa Fe P.S. Yet another great restaurant here is Vinaigrette, in case you haven't heard.



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