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Friday, June 06, 2014 (228w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Borgata Pizza Cafe in Columbus, OH

Borgata pizza cafe,Columbus Ohio. My mother is from NY and I have pizza many times from there also Chicago and other famour pies from the Midwest to northeast and this is by far the best pie I have ever had. Great traditional Italian flavors perfect scratch made dough. And a great owner!! Also the DayBreak diner in Columbus Ohio, they have a dish I have never seen before its called breakfast fried rice, I'll let your imagination run on that but know its as good as your imagining also they have cinnamon toast crunch French toast that will literally make you do backflips!!!if you guys haven't made it here to cbus for these treats you need to. Please put these places on your show these great owners and this town would love to have you and you will not be disappointed!!!




  1. Anonymous
    Friday, June 06, 2014
    Borgata Pizza Cafe in Columbus, OH - if you haven't been here yet, you Borgata Pizza Cafe in Columbus, OH - if you haven't been here yet, you need to go! The food, the atmosphere and the owner are outstanding. I must be honest, he is a great friend of mine. The wings roasted to perfection, unique flavors developed by "Eddie". The pizza so yummy and again "Eddie" is always trying new combinations and always open for suggestions, design your own, thin crust, thick crust always fresh. Dough made daily, home made pasta, sauce, bread.... taste a little or a lot of Italy, homemade Italian cuisine at Borgata Pizza Café in Columbus, Ohio - you gata try it!



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