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Wednesday, November 05, 2014 (207w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Lee Famous Donuts in Libertyville, IL

Lee Famous Donuts in Libertyville, Illinois Mr. Lee opened up Lee donuts in 1989 and quickly the word of his . His secret weapon was a man I call Mr. Korn. Donut mess around with Mr. Korn's donuts. He started with Mr. Lee when the shop opened, and he still still works there today, 7 days a week. Mr. Korn very may well have made every single donut I ate until I entered high school and tried Dunkin for the first time. Gross. Mr. Korn bought the shop from Mr. Lee after about 4 years and proceeded to run the place for about 20 years. Calculating the amount of donuts he's made runs into the several million category. This man lives donuts. Unfortunately every man has his limits; Mr. Korn sold the store to another man, wrote out a list of directions for his donuts and said goodbye to Libertyville. Doubly unfortunate, directions aren't capable of printing out 20 years of experience, quality went down, the cult following of customers diminished, road construction made it difficult to access. The shop was about to close down until my boss bought the place in January of this year. He remodeled the place to a 50s retro feel, and convinced Mr. Korn to come back once again. People often mention to me how bad the interior was over the years before it was remodeled; dusty, cluttered, overall ugly, but they never ever forget to mention that the donuts never lost their quality (the period of time Mr. Korn retired was relatively short).




  1. Anonymous
    Wednesday, November 05, 2014
    Lee Famous donuts in Libertyville, IL. In combination with a previous Lee Famous donuts in Libertyville, IL. In combination with a previous recommendation i sent on accident. Basically you need to try these donuts. I had TWO unrelated customers in one single day compare them to VooDoo Doughnut, a renowned doughnut shop in Oregon I'm sure you've heard of. That's saying something. We also sell coffee that's roasted just down the street at a local coffee shop, and people rave about that as well. Business has been steadily increasing since the remodel solely by word of mouth and activity in the community. Our most effective way to acquire a new customer, is to simply put a donut in his mouth and wait for him or her to return. We're just a small little place located on a plain looking strip mall; I believe our potential has only recently been unlocked. 5 people keep this place running seven days a week. Two behind the counter (one of whom is yours truly) plus the owner, and Mr. Korn with his long due apprentice make the donuts. We supply donuts to most of of the local car dealerships every day of the week (Libertyville used to have the highest density of car dealerships in the world. No longer true, but still damn high), as well as banks and churches. Some of our customers have been coming by since the very beginning when Mr. Lee opened up. They started as kids coming with their parents, and now THEY have kids of their own to share with. And they're eating the product from the same kitchen and the same man, I love that. It would be an honor to have your team in our shop. I could take pictures and send them to you guys if you want to see the interior of the shop and our donuts. I want to share this place with as many people as I can so they can understand the magic. We're helping creating a new generation of memories. I hope the children coming in now will someday bring in their own children, and keep this tradition alive. --Nathan p.s. our maple bacon long john is the bee's knees.



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