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Sunday, February 08, 2015 (159w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

The Wicked Biscuit Company in Durham, NC

Guy, I have written before but I just had to write to you again about my favorite breakfast spot! This is the most creative breakfast purveyor I have ever been to. It's called The Wicked Biscuit Company and they are a food truck (trailer actually). That's right, biscuit sandwiches served from a trailer! These aren't your average buttermilk hockey pucks. Tom's biscuits are HUGE and fluffy! He creates them in different flavors to compliment the array of combinations he comes up with. Without boring you with too much detail, they are amazing! Unfortunately, the main reason I am writing again is because we are in danger of losing this great business. Tom suffered an injury and had to take some time off. Being such a new business, the time away from working has created great financial hardship on the personal side. Tom's dream has been to be featured on DDD and to run his business but that is crashing down quickly. Tom and Amelia have really become my friends and I hate to see what they've so hard for fall apart. So I am hopeful that you will contact them and hopefully they can keep at this dream of theirs and continue to build it! Thank You, Brian T

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