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Thursday, April 09, 2015 (151w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

Nacho's in Moriarty, NM

There's a place in Moriarty, NM. called Nacho's, located on the famous Route66. At first glance, if you do happen to spot it (directly accross the street from a Wells Fargo Bank). It doesn't appear to be much when they bring you the store baught bagged chips, but the salsa is great. When the food comes (i had the chile relleno plate), you will be VERY pleasently surprised. You'll even look at your friend's plates with envy. If you're passing through, off the I-40, please don't miss out! They normally close at 8:00 pm, but if they run out of food, ...earlier! (Closed on Sundays!)

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