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Saturday, June 15, 2013 (275w) 1 Comments  By Casey and Aimee Randolph

Velvet Cream in Hernando, MS

Guy!! How did you miss it?! We saw your episode of when you visited Hernando, MS and the Memphis Street Cafe. We live in Memphis, really close to Hernando, so we Googled the directions to the restaurant. It just happens to be RIGHT down the street (about 2 blocks) from Velvet Cream, Ice Cream Dip. This is the BEST dive we have ever come across. It has an ever-growing menu of over 225 ice cream flavors and over 100 different food choices. That doesn't count the hand-dipped ice cream choices for the cones or the different sizes you can choose from (small to an I-55). Their ice cream mixes are out of this world! You can choose from shakes, concretes, malts, sundaes, smoothies, flakes, and snows. You can literally get whatever you want from their food menu - like peanut butter topped hamburgers. And many of the items have super creative names. The menu is unbelievable and is quite a kick in the face when you first go. We spent 30 minutes the first time we went trying to simply decide ice cream. There are SOO many delicious choices. I could go on and on but let's just say: You MUST check this place out. We frequent it even though it's almost an hour from where we are. Never disappointed. Never leave hungry.



  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, June 15, 2013
    Velvet cream in Hernando, MS! It is fantastic! Over 100 things on the Velvet cream in Hernando, MS! It is fantastic! Over 100 things on the menu to choose from. I come 15 miles to eat here while At school. It is to die for. Definitely a drive in but totally worth it and it never disappoints.



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