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Monday, June 17, 2013 (279w) 0 Comments  By Jessami Griffey

Mario's Italian Restaurant & Lounge in Dubuque, IA

Mario's Italian Restaurant in Dubuque, IA has Panzeratti so good, it's worth the gas money it would cost to drive that Camaro to Iowa. They are a local favorite and they are the most well known for their giant Panzeratti. They are located in old school downtown Dubuque and have been one of the few restaurants that have lasted. They also have fantastic Manicotti, Spaghetti and Minestrone. There are always locals in having a sandwich at the bar and the atmosphere is very homey. I attended college in Dubuque, and Mario's is a staple! Not only was it affordable, but they deliver! I watch your show quite frequently and am an aspiring chef myself. I'm sure whoever is reading this hears this same thing all the time, but take it from a Midwest girl, if you want great, fresh Italian in Dubuque, you go to Mario's.




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