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Tuesday, June 02, 2015 (177w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

The Black Dog Smoke and Ale House in Urbana, IL

The Black Dog Smoke and Ale House on 201 N. Broadway Ave in Urbana, Ill. This is downtown Urbana. Phone number is (217)344-9334. This is a dive bar. It probably has seating, between the bar and the tables, for only about 40 people. Even if you go in at 2 pm, it is packed. (At that time, you sometimes do not have to wait for a seat though.) Thank goodness, they are finishing off building a second restaurant in downtown Champaign. (Champaign and Urbana are twin cities. The University of Illinois sits right in the middle.) The black Dog has the best barbecue in town. It is usually packed from the time it opens at 11 am until the time it closes. (It also has great sweet potato fries. And after 4 pm, they have whole smoked sweet potatoes.) My favorite meal to get is the Amish free range pulled chicken sandwich with the Carolina Red sauce, and sweet potato fries for the side dish. If you come during the summer, for dessert, you have to go to Jarling's Custard Cup. They are only open from 3 pm to 9 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. It opens in March, and closes in November. Most often, you have to wait in a line. They specialize in "snow storms" (like "blizzards" are to Dairy Queen.) The menu features about 40-50 different kinds of "snow storms". They are located at 309 W. Kirby Ave, in Champaign. The phone number is (217)352-2273.




  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday, June 02, 2015
    Black dog smoke and ale house Burnt ends Pulled pork Ribs Beef bri Black dog smoke and ale house Burnt ends Pulled pork Ribs Beef brisket Baked potato casserole Original location is in Urbana Illinois but a new location was added in Champaign Illinois in an old train station. Burnt ends sell out quick on a daily basis Food is excellent, when I go home to visit family in Illinois we make sure to go to black dog



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