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Friday, June 21, 2013 (274w) 0 Comments  By Mira Moehrke

Post Graduation Driving Tour

Greetings - I'm taking my daughter on a "drive about" for a mom/girl summer of memories before the world of work and adult responsibilities become her norm. We're traveling a loop from coastal NC to Niagara NY to Sault St. Marie MI to Green Bay, through Chicago, Indiana, West VA and back home. I'm disappointed to note during my trip planning that you've not visited any of the fine DDDs in central NC. If we go slightly out of our way, we can visit 8 of your triple D stops on our travels.Please consider a review of Our State Magazine where you will easily find many NC options for your dining pleasure. Thank you for helping us plan our trip! Your website, Flavortown, has been enormously helpful. mm



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