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Friday, June 21, 2013 (278w) 0 Comments  By tammy macneil


you have to try this place!!!! my boyfriend's brother has been raving about this place to us for awhile now. just to set this up for you, my boyfriend and I LOVE to cook and I also love to bake so we have a hard time going out to eat because we love to cook and we do a great job so when we find a place that cooks better than us it is a real treat. Anyway back to the reason I am writing to you!!!!! we went to Victor's restaurant today and we both were blown away first for the food, Victor had a place in East Boston so it is real Italian cooking it is a small place now located on Route 1 in Saugus Ma where the kitchen were Victor can talk to you while he is cooking and if you sit at the bar he will bring you over a "dish to sample." the food is amazing and the people that work there are just fun to watch....they are fighting with each other but work great together. again it is about the food and I cant wait to go back again and again.P.S. lOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!watch all the time and we love to check out the places you recommendhope to hear back from you on thisTammy MacNeil




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