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Saturday, June 22, 2013 (278w) 2 Comments  By Roshawn O'Quinn

Las Cuatro Milpas in San Diego, CA

You should really consider this San Diego establishment! My father went there when he was alive my moms brother goes there when he is in town frm Sac town. I remember my fad wakimg up early Sat morning taking our household pots and going to get the fresh beans and chorizo and rice. They also serve handmade tortillas both corn and flour. They only stay open till 2pm. Menudo only on the weekends. Given any week day day u will see the line out the door frm locals, visitors, bzness men etc. I believe you should do your own research and pay this landmarlk a visit. It is located in the heart of barrio logan and at the entrance of the Coronadoe bay brigde. The food is outstanding made to order and authentic! Please give this place a visit . The menu is limited but what they offer is amazing!




  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, June 22, 2013
    One good and yummy mexican restaurant I would recommend you to go to i One good and yummy mexican restaurant I would recommend you to go to is Las Cuatro Milpas in San Diego, Ca. The area is barrio logan. The food is good and delicious. I pass by there everyday and the lines is out the door (literally) but, the wait is worth it. It's a small place but taste so good, not expensive at all. There our 2 dishes I recommend you to try is Chorizo Con Huevos and Carnitas Tacos (humm delicious). The address is: 1875 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113, the hours are Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. Please try it out!! I know you came to San Diego before but, this experience is like know other. From, Karla Harris San Diego, CA
  2. Anonymous
    Saturday, June 22, 2013
    Las Cuatro Milpas in San Diego, CA is Authentic Mexican Food Guy, I have waited a long time to write to you regarding this San Diego landmark. The reason being is that I have been selfish. I mean the line is already long as it is. I know it'll get worse once you feature them on Triple D. But it is the season of giving and I'll tell you about this place called Las Cuatro Milpas. It is in the barrio in San Diego. It's been around forever, I mean before I was born. I have been coming here for close to 20 years now. It is authentic mexican food and the menu is small. You got tacos (pork or chicken), burritos (pork or chicken), rolled tacos and tamales (only pork). Weekends there is red menudo. You can get rice, beans and chorizo beans (they list huevos con carne) but I don't think there is any egg in there, serious! I used to get the regular beans, which are great, but once you try the chorizo beans you cannot go back. The flour tortillas are made by hand in the back (you can watch the ladies making them) and they are truly to die for. They are pliable and don't break when you fold them. The reason is because they are made with lard. In fact everything is made with lard! I've been coming here nearly every week (when I am in town - I travel a a lot for work and I miss this place when I'm gone). I never get tired of this place. My main lunch is 2 pork tacos and a small bowl of the chroizo beans (comes with a couple flour tortillas). Also get extra cotija queso! Sometime I mix it up by getting a tamale and pouring the chorizo beans all over it. Add fresh chopped onions, cilantro, cotija, lemon and heat. Yummers! The hot sauce is hot, no really, no joke, it's hot! It has bits of pork fat in the hot sauce! The Estudillo family has been serving food here for 3 decades! Tita runs the cash register (cash only). The food is cheap, plentiful and is located in the barrio of Flavortown, USA. We put on a huge holiday feed at my work every year and we get our food from Cuatro Milpas - it's our annual Taco Feed. I don't know what else to tell you other than I'm not sure if the family will welcome a TV crew. They are as humble and low key as they come. Oh, not to knock the chicken but really, if there is pork then I'm ordering the pork. Check out their reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon. You will see what we all know. Also, I know you did a mexican place in SD before (El Indio) and I used to like that place but it really has gone downhill since the old days. It's OK, but it is not in the same category as Milpas.



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