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Monday, June 24, 2013 (277w) 0 Comments  By Sandy Buchman

Fat Heads Saloon in Pittsburgh, PA

Just got back from a visit to my favorite place, Pittsburgh, PA! Had a mid-week opportunity to eat at one of my not-to-be-missed restaurants. Fatheads has an awesome variety of unique sandwiches, burgers, salads, and wraps. All of which are described in great and entertaining detail on their menu. Just reading the menu is a ton of fun, as items are named after people who, I assume, know how to have a good time! The homemade fries and chips that accompany the sandwiches and burgers are worth the trip! The beer selection is another thing altogether! A huge selection is on tap that incorporates seasonal brews. Located onPittsburgh's Southside on Carson Street, this place is really hard to get into in the weekend, but waiting for a table is an opportunity to sample and enjoy some of those many beer selections. I can't believe you haven't been here yet!




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