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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (274w) 0 Comments  By RJ

Trio of Triple D spots in Orlando

I am always looking for Triple D type restaurants in my current home town of Orlando. I have 2 that i frequent often and one that I just recently discovered. First is the **"Dive Bar"**( perfect name huh?) in downtown Orlando( They have great sandwiches topped with fries and slaw or with Mac n cheese. The second is a burger joint called **"That One Spot"**(, yet another great name. I got hook on St. Patty's day weekend when i had their special which include onions caramelized in Guinness, horseradish mashed potatoes and smoked beef brisket...all on a hamburger. The mac n cheese with Bacon and jalapenos is awesome as well. Finally is **"Yellow Dog Eats"**( My Wife took me here yesterday for lunch and the food different delicious and the atmosphere was off the wall. Had the Club Elvis, a pulled pork sandwich and loved it. Ready to go back and try more of the unique dishes.



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