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Friday, June 28, 2013 (273w) 1 Comments  By Garrett Brooks

Arctic Roadrunner in Anchorage, AK

Guy you should come check out the arctic roadrunner a burger jont that has been aroun since 1964. Great burgers loads of history and stories from people that have been going there since it opened



  1. Anonymous
    Friday, June 28, 2013
    Arctic RoadRunner I was born and raised in Alaska ,born in Anchorage Arctic RoadRunner I was born and raised in Alaska ,born in Anchorage , raised in a number of different places in AK ,anyways the OnionRings at the RoadRunner are Killer ,and so many sandwiches Ive had them all . I know you've been to a number of places there and your usually getting things that are made up promotional I think , IM talking about food thats been around along time which you hit all the time , and I follow your trail . no shit . Im going to be trying nic,s in Oklahoma city ,next and theres that one called the red iguana Iv got to get to that , Now theres Hudsons Hamburgers ,and i don't think they want you there ! so good luck go quietly ! I am going to meet you some day , I watched you win your time on tv and watched this whole food tv come alive ,and you might not believe it but I Knew you were going to be a hit ! you been a pleasure watch from the very beggining , thanks for the map of joints to eat at ! Oh IM a power lineman 35 years in the union 45 years of working around electricity ,burned my only 3 phase line down at 13 years old drove a boom truck thru the power lines , 56 just maturing !



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