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Saturday, June 04, 2016 (125w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Catrinas Mexican Restaurant in Oakdale, MN

Alright so there's this newish Mexican restaurant in Oakdale Minnesota called Catrinas. there is one in the city also but this was the first one it was started by two guys who stayed all day 6 days a week. The Tacos and Borritos here are the best, everything is fresh they have all types of meat, toppings and salsa to chose from. This place literally has the best tacos iv ever had and the only place I will ever eat a Borrito. Please check it out, thanks!




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    Saturday, June 04, 2016
    I agree with this. Catrinas is fabulous! The choices are amazing tacos, burritos,.salads, quesadillas, tortas, tostadas, daily specials like tamales on wednesday, gorditas on thursda and. the friday fish tacos are so good they become a habit. 8 salsa offerings, 10 protein offerings. the first visit you are made a sample plate of meats which enables you to pick your favorites, all tasty, which can make your decision difficult. the staff is fun. the t shirts they sell are very cool and worth the trip just to get one.



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