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Sunday, July 17, 2016 (118w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Seafood Sellers in Crystal River, FL

Seafood Sellers, Crystal River, Florida Chef and wife from Baton Rouge and Baltimore. Absolutely the very best soft shell crab sandwich EVER! (And I am from Maryland). Rated the best seafood in Citrus County. Located in a food court, of all places, with a hand written sign pointing to a dining room in the back, 10+ tables. Always a line waiting. Owner entertains the children with magic tricks while they are waiting for their dinner. Great food, a real dive and a fun place. While in Citrus Country, crew can see the manatees!




  1. Anonymous
    Sunday, July 17, 2016
    guy-you absolutely must visit Seafood Seller & cafe in crystal river, guy-you absolutely must visit Seafood Seller & cafe in crystal river, florida! They are seriously located in a dying shopping mall at 1801 NW US highway 19. the mall itself is nothing to write home about. with the exception of a k-mart and a movie theater, i can think of no other reason to visit the shopping establishment. and yet--inside this mall (a mall!) is one of the most gloriously delicious and amazing restaurant experiences of. your. life!!!!! My husband, two children, and i stumbled upon some online reviews prior to taking a day trip over to crystal river from gainesville to crystal (beach and seafood day because, why not? it's summertime). had we not written down the address and read about it online, there's no way we would have found or known about seafood seller. the owner, jimmy, and his staff were incredible. they went the extra mile--offering pens to our children for coloring despite a lack of crayons, bringing out live crawfish to entertain tables, super friendly staff, and louisiana cajun-style seafood that makes you forget entirely you're sitting inside a shopping mall in a small-town florida manatee town. you know what we really loved--aside from the delicious food?! the owner was seen greeting, hosting, clearing tables, serving food, checking on the kitchen, and more. what a humble, talented, and awesome man! our family devoured crab balls, po boys, boiled shrimp and french bread dipped in a sauce so delicious and amazing you could dip a leather boot in it, beignets . . . seriously wonderful food. seriously wonderful people. one of those meals and memories you'll cherish for a lifetime. i warned my husband on the way home . . . if i'm ever pregnant again, you *will* be driving me here for more shrimp. it's clearly one of those cravings that cannot be satisfied by anything else.



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