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Monday, July 01, 2013 (277w) 0 Comments  By Jason Pierce

Moe's Original BBQ

Hi Guy,This is my first time emailing you. First of all, I have to tell you that even when my family is just finishing up eating and pretty full and we are watching your show, our mouths are still salivating. Best show on tv hands down.Now this leads into why the email. This is the first time I have ever did a review or made a recommendation about anything online. My girlfriend and I are from Clarendon, New Brunswick, Canada and we heard about this newer little BBQ joint down in Bangor, Maine. Based on the reviews we took the 3.5 hour drive down for some lunch. The place is called Moe's Original BBQ. (650 Broadway, Bangor, Maine) It's nothing fancy to look at, but the food makes up for any reservations that anyone would have. They specialize in pulled pork, ribs and shrimp burgers. The sides you can choose from: sweet potato, macaroni and cheese, peas and greens, and the best cole slaw in the world. Yes, the whole world. The staff is top notch and fun. The owner was so delighted to hear that we drove 3.5 hours and loved the food, he said that if we were in town long enough, he would pay for supper if we returned that same day. Awesome.To sum this short novel up, you have to get to Bangor, Maine and try this place. P.S. I had my hunch on while devouring.




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