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Tuesday, July 02, 2013 (268w) 1 Comments  By Ryan

Darrells Pub & Subs in Lake Charles, LA

When a dive bar that only makes sandwiches is the #3 restaurant (trip advisor) in a city of 200k then you know there is something special going on. I highly suggest you stop in to Darrell's the next time you find yourself in Louisiana. It is in Lake Charles, Louisiana which is right off I-10. Darrell's Special, Surf and Turf, BBQ Brisket, you just can't go wrong. I highly suggest the home made jalapeno mayo as well.



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    [email protected]
    Tuesday, July 02, 2013
    Amen, It is beyond worth it!! If I traveled from California, Guy can travel from wherever he is ..! :)



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