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Wednesday, July 03, 2013 (273w) 0 Comments  By david schmitt

Texas Hot Restaurant in Wellsville, NY

GRowing up in western new york there are a great number of good resturants. However there are two awesome resturants that i would like to share with you today the first is located in wellsville NY called simply the texas hot started in 1921 they have simply the best hot dogs ever truly a delight. The second resturant is located in olean NY now i know that you have had on your show our noteworthy Beef on weck sandwich in West Seneca NY i believe however in the small town of olean there is the BEEF and Barrel resturant the beef on weck here is off the hoof literally they cook the meat in the middle of the resturant fresh all day long . growing up living between these two resturant created an interisting challenge of which city to hang out in for the evening. Now in my 40s and living in MD whenever my wife and i travel north she will ask me on the road Are we anywhere close to those resturants and if so can we stop by. we have gone as far as to change our travel plans to make sure that we can get some of this spectacular food. i definately think it would be worth your while to check out these two locations on your show



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